Monday, June 3, 2013

"I don't want to go."

It's been no secret that for the past few months, I've become more and more disenchanted with Doctor Who. It's even come to the point where I criticize and rail at Steven Moffat in anger publicly. Although I do not, and would not ever, spout hate, complaining about Moffat is something I promised myself I would never do after the threats and hate that were sent his way last year. It's also now come to the point where I can't stand the fandom- a fandom that is made up of newbies (many of whom have only seen the Matt Smith years), a fandom that is made up of Americans who enjoy bad writing and twists at every turn, a fandom that every New Whovian I know has left. 

I could probably be called a hypocrite, considering that I've never watched a single episode of Classic Who. I'm okay with that, although I disagree. I've read up on Classic Who, and I know that it was a completely different show than the reboot that Russell T. Davies brought to life in 2005. And please don't give me the nonsense that idiots have spouted to me before about Moffat's Who also being a reboot- just because Moffat does not understand the concept of continuity does not mean that the first Matt Smith season is a reboot. In the Whoniverse, a new Doctor and a new season does not equal a reboot. 

I think everyone can agree that this past season of Doctor Who was terrible, and it got even worse when Clara was introduced. She is substance-less, a character who, by the very definition of her mystery, means nothing to us because we have no idea who she is. At least we knew who Amy and Rory were (and at least Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill had chemistry with Matt Smith). Jenna Louise Coleman seems like a very sweet woman in her videos with Matt, but her acting is so boring it makes me want to gouge my eyes out for entertainment (I'm looking at you, fellow Following fans). Unfortunately, the numbers agree with me: since the 2012 Christmas episode "The Snowmen," Doctor Who viewership has fallen by almost 2.5 million viewers. 

I watch a lot of TV, but there are only a few actual fandoms that I belong to- I'm a Whedonite (basically anything Joss Whedon does, including his tweets about being sick), a Whovian (Doctor Who), and a Hunter (Supernatural). As you can tell, I belong to fandoms of smart, quick, witty shows with mythology and depth. So when I say that I am leaving the Whovian fandom, I don't say it easily. It fills me with sadness, because this used to be a good show with a solid fandom. I have made friends- good friends, the best of friends, both in real life and online- because of this show and the intellectual, literary discussions we've had about it. 

The reason I'm so upset about giving up Doctor Who is because the show is so smart, and so are its fans. This isn't Pretty Little Liars or Revenge- both shows that I've stopped watching this season. I stopped watching Pretty Little Liars because its stupidity eventually unsuspended my disbelief when Aria didn't call the police after Malcolm was kidnapped, instead choosing to try and find him herself. When that happened, I shut the video player and instantly deleted the whole show from my computer. I gave up Revenge because I may have skipped 4th grade, I may have graduated as valedictorian from high school, and I may have graduated from university with honors, but even I couldn't keep up with the convoluted plot without writing notes, and that was just not something I was willing to do for a guilty-pleasure, soapy show.

Who knows? Maybe I'll start watching Classic Who if I actually am forced to stop watching New Who after Eleven regenerates (which is what I'm predicting- Moffat's horrible showrunning is currently worth it because of Matt's acting, but after Matt leaves, I'm pretty sure it won't be worth it anymore). I do know that I will always be a Whovian, and Ten will always be my Doctor. And one day, when Steven Moffat leaves and a better showrunner takes his place, I hope to come back to the Doctor Who fandom.

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  1. I can understand your frustration with Doctor Who... The matter is made worse by Matt Smith leaving, despite initially saying he would be on for another season (which makes me wonder).

    This past season of the show has been... okay... but that is miles off from what this show was. It's a common problem for shows as they age, but for Dr. Who in particular, this sure seems to be more than just a typical slump.

    Long gone are the days where this show wowed or even inspired me by what I saw. Long gone are the things that made this reboot (continuation) great. Why? I don't know. A lot of people point at the show runner, and he certainly shoulders a lot of blame, but more than anything, I look past him to the BBC.

    Will I stay or go? I honestly don't know. I dearly hope the BBC makes some moves to correct what has gone wrong. The show needs a British Joss Whedon like director/writer. Someone with great vision, someone with the ability to properly lay out a plan and stitch it together in a way so deviously, deliciously wonderful that you treasure the small moments in each episode and stand up and cheer for an utterly inhuman character cause he is so @$%^ human inside.

    Hey... I can dream...

    Anywho... Life without The Doctor will move on. The summer has (for me) the final season of Burn Notice... which I hope will go out with a bang. Though we are far to near to it's (season's) end... I'm falling deeper in love with Continuum. Defiance & Warehouse 13 will fill in some time a one fade and the former is finding it's footing. Soon (but not soon enough)... Supernatural and all the fall/winter shows I love will be back with some interesting start-ups.

    BTW.... you really should write more. I know it can be daunting when you're blogging alone, but the more you write, the more traffic and comments you'll get. More importantly, the more fun it gets when you have a site where you and others can have long back and forth conversations about what you love and hate about television, shows and the episodes.

    ~Jonathan S. White
    ~Kearney, NE