Thursday, May 16, 2013


This season of TV has to be the most disappointing one for me yet, both in terms of the quality of TV and the idiocy of the networks. Of course, there were some very well-written shows that definitely fulfilled their potential this season (Parenthood, I'm looking at you) and some network decisions that didn't make me roll my eyes (CW, I'm looking at you), but overall, this season, ending with upfronts this week, has me wanting to take Hollywood by the shoulders, shake them, and ask exactly how much crack they've smoked this year.

Let's take the shows that went downhill this season. I have officially given up on Pretty Little Liars and Revenge- the former because there's only so much unnecessary drama I can take, and the latter because it has become so ridiculously convoluted that I'd have to take notes to make sense of it all. Grey's Anatomy needs to kill off April Kepner before her shrieking voice kills meThe Vampire Diaries became so boring that I've had to yawn my way through eighty percent of this season's episodes (although the last few have vastly improved upon the first twenty). The amount of jokes about sex on The Big Bang Theory makes me sad, because the show used to actually be funny, on its own merit. Doctor Who gets the award for the show I am most disappointed in. It used to be a show that inspired me- now the writing, and even the acting, makes me cringe. And Glee? My God, someone direct April Kepner and her death-inducing shrieky voice my way.

Then there are the networks. I honestly don't know what NBC was thinking when they canceled Go On. It was the best thing they had going this year in comedy. Then ABC finally did what we've feared for two years- they axed Happy Endings even though it was one of the smartest, funniest shows on TV. Here's to hoping USA will pick it up (fingers crossed). Another one on the stupid list for ABC is giving Agents of SHIELD the 8PM timeslot on Tuesday nights, right before other, brand new shows. The last time I paid attention to that timeslot was never. Yes, this is Joss, and yes, this is Marvel, but they're not giving AoS any lead-in that could boost the show. On the Doctor Who news front, Steven Moffat has been quoted talking about developing the story for the 8th series. I'm sorry, but the show's writing has severely declined since he took over, there is absolutely no character development, and the show has lost over 2 million viewers in the six months since the 2012 Christmas Special- why hasn't he been fired yet?

I raise my glass in a toast to less stupidity next year.


  1. Such good points! Doctor who has really fallen, honestly. Grey's Anatomy is so dramatic! How many bad things can happen to one group of people? Shooting, plane crash, lost baby, dead friend, dead friend, dead friend, near bombing... I mean it's a little unrealistic, now. And Glee always half addresses issues. The school shooting ep this season was just badly done. And about Pretty Little liars, you are spot on. I don't watch Revenge, but if it's anything like PLL, I imagine it's filled with unnecessary dramatics and confusing plot holes. Your writing is very good when you review, very clear and very blunt (in a great, sassy kind-of-way!) Please keep reviewing and writing! I will check up often!

  2. I often think that those who run things are just so insulated from the real world that they know nothing and understand nothing. They look at a show strictly from the business perspective of what it is doing for me now and how much it's costing me.

    They fail to think about how moving a show can do more damage than harm.

    They fail to think about how short seasons and long helliatuses can result be damaging.

    They fail to think about how much advertising is needed when a show is not well known or an instant hit.

    They fail to think about how they can do creative advertising that not only can bring in more eyes, but get eye from one show to check out another show on their channel (USA Net. gets a bit of a pass on this).

    They fail to see how having a leader, a visionary, a creative genius who's allowed to be those things (at minimum, most of the time) can be great for a show vs. their own ideas of what works.

    They choose crappy and affordable over risky, but breathtakingly brilliant story telling.

    They fail to see that they are slaves to a model that gives them a horrible read on eyeballs and requires a massive, sustained effort by fans to save a show. Nor do they seem to consider that it's a relatively small percentage of fans doing that work.

    They fault fans (again, in a flawed measuring system) for not still showing up after making all those mistakes and more.

    They cut those shows and walk off with hefty paychecks despite all their bumbling idiocy.

    Kearney, NE

    1. That is the single best comment I've seen on any TV blog ever. ALLL of this^^^