Friday, July 19, 2013

Emmy's 2013

Jordan asked: Can you please explain to me why Sam Waterston from The Newsroom isn't up for best supporting actor in a drama series for the Emmy's?

Jordan, I'll explain it to you as soon as someone explains to me why Monica Potter and Peter Krause didn't get nominations for Parenthood. Why no one on the CW ever gets a nomination, even though there is fantastic acting on that network. Why didn't Hugh Dancy get one for Hannibal, or Jennifer Carpenter for Dexter? Happy Endings and New Girl were the funniest shows on television this year- why didn't they get nominations? I think this season was Shameless's weakest season, but Emmy Rossum rocked it. Her acting was beyond incredible- why didn't she get a nomination?

I'll tell you why.

The Emmy's is a very exclusive little club that rarely, if ever, lets anyone in. It's a cycle- the same thing every year, until a new show comes out. And when a new show does come out that they deign to put on the nominations list, it will be on the list for the next five years at least, I promise you. I don't know if it's rigged, or if they're snobs. But I will tell you that this year, I'll be boycotting. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

And when you smiled, the whole world stopped and stared for a while

This isn't my typical kind of post. I'm hesitating even as I write this, because I can already see people rolling their eyes as they read it. Crying over a "celebrity death." It's ridiculous, right? You don't even know him. You've never met him. That person he played on TV is not him. So why do you even care.

To those people, I summarily say the following: Fuck off. To the people who feel the same was as I do, I apologize for the crude language, and I grieve with you. 

Because here's the thing. He was a young man with his whole life ahead of him. He'd admitted to having a substance abuse problem since he was a young teen, and had voluntarily gotten help for it (again this year, in April). He had a family, and a girlfriend, and friends/coworkers who loved him and supported him through his struggles. He had a fan base, a huge fan base- millions of people, including myself- who looked up to him. All these people, all of us, are now stunned in grief after finding out that their idol, their son, their lover, their friend, had died, alone, in a hotel room on Saturday night. 

I hope that everyone can eventually find some measure of comfort. 

Rest in peace, Cory. 

P.S. "Look, he obviously had his own demons. I know it's hard, but try and remember that he died alone, but through Glee, he was able to show millions of people that they weren't alone. Glee is going to be remembered for quite a while as a show that promoted acceptance and tolerance despite differences, and he was instrumental in that." -Oz Shapiro

Friday, July 5, 2013


I've become increasingly annoyed at friends- both on Tumblr and in the real world- who say that Supernatural is a sexist or misogynist show. "All the women die" or "All the women are weak."

These two statements are gross misrepresentations of the show. Firstly: yes, not only do most of the recurring or guest female characters die, but all the men do too. What a horror. Oh, wait. Isn't the genre of this show horror? Secondly, the women are not weak. Look at Jo and Ellen Harvelle! They're only two examples of incredibly strong women on the show. Half of the females who "need to be saved" end up helping the Winchesters save themselves. So please don't tell me that the women are weak.

Besides, even if the women were weak, and even if only women were being killed off, who cares? Just because we live in a society that has progressed towards equality, and continues to do so every day, does not mean that there can no longer be books or television shows that focus on men. You don't watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer and go, "Oh my god this show! Look at all the weak men who just fall all over Buffy- it must be misandry." You don't watch Charmed and ask why there's no Charmed brother, do you? No, you accept that it's a show about women, and that just like there can be shows about women, there can also be a show about men without it being misogynist or unequal.